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We are a small team that loves trying out different mocktail recipes and sharing the best recipes with the world. This ir our hobby and we are happy about every reader who visits our homepage and finds value in it, thank you!

Why we love Mocktails?

Non-alcoholic mixed drinks are healthy, tasty, refreshing and they can be enjoyed by people of all ages and lifestyles.

It’s no surprise that these "zero proof" drinks are becoming increasingly popular. And that's why we decided to create Mocktail Universe – a space where we could save, curate and share all things related to mocktails.

The best features of mocktails

Here are the main reasons why non-alcoholic mixed drinks have place in so many communities around the world.


Mocktails are a healthier option compared to alcoholic drinks. They are usually made with fresh fruits, herbs, and other natural ingredients that offer numerous health benefits and are also free of alcohol.

More Inclusive

Mocktails are more inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. They provide a non-alcoholic option for those who choose not to drink, or cannot drink for various reasons.


Mocktails are refreshing and hydrating, making them perfect for hot summer days or after a workout. They offer a burst of flavor without the dehydrating effects of alcohol.


Mocktails can be made in endless variations, from fruity to creamy to spicy. They can be customized to suit different occasions, moods, and tastes. They can also be made with a variety of base ingredients, such as juice, tea, soda, or sparkling water.


Mocktails are safe to consume if you need to drive or operate machinery. They do not impair your cognitive or motor functions, unlike alcoholic drinks, which can impair your judgment, reflexes, and reaction time.

Aesthetic appeal

Mocktails are becoming increasingly popular also due to their aesthetic appeal. They are often served in fancy glasses or garnished with creative and eye-catching decorations. They are perfect for sharing on social media, and they make a statement at parties and events.

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I subscribed to the “Mocktail Universe” newsletter looking for healthier and more creative drink options, and I was not disappointed. The recipes are easy to follow, and the drinks are delicious.

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I love the variety of non-alcoholic mixed drink recipes featured in the “Mocktail Universe” recipe list and newsletter. There's something for every taste and occasion. And it’s really easy to save & find my favorite recipes when needed.

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As a bartender, I’m always looking for latest trends and new ideas. The recipes are creative and well-crafted, and they've inspired me to come up with my own unique drink creations. I've received many compliments on the drinks I've made using the recipes from the newsletter.

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As a non-drinker, it can be tough to find interesting drink options at social events but now I have a range of creative and flavorful drink options to choose from. The recipes are easy to follow, and the ingredients are readily available and I can quickly mix-up a refreshing drink for myself.

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As an events manager, I'm always on the lookout for unique and exciting drink options for my clients. I highly recommend the “Mocktail Universe” newsletter to anyone looking to add some flair to their drink offerings, they have been a hit in many events.


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